Having a secure car in an insecure garage is never a great idea. With easy access to your parking place, thieves can shut the door behind them and with no disturbance from the outside world, they can break into your car at their leisure. They will probably also find all the tools that they need for the job close at hand too.

Donít make their lives that easy! As we state at length in the security tips on our welcome page, securing your garage and outbuildings is a vital step in securing the rest of your belongings.

Brights Locksmiths are always pleased to offer advice on the best security for your garage, from upgraded door locks, through ground anchors, portable alarm systems and CCTV installations, you can call into our Security Centre in Southend and buy all the products that you need. Camera and alarm systems can always be seen working in the shop and we will be happy to provide a competitive quotation for installing all the security that you need.

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