For most modern vehicles, the loss or theft of of car keys can be a disaster. Replacing locks can cost a fortune and your car can be off the road for a considerable time awaiting parts. Brights Locksmiths can offer a range of services to get you back on the road again at the lowest possible cost with the least possible inconvenience.

Keys totally lost. If there is no chance of anyone finding your keys and matching them to the vehicle, then we can cut a new set and programme them to your vehicle. For some cars this is not possible, if in doubt, call our specialists with details of your vehicle.

If your keys have been stolen, or you fear they may fall into the wrong hands, your locks can be re-keyed rather than replaced. This can save you a fortune and get you running much faster than ordering new ones.

Broken Car Keys

Keys only ever break at one time - exactly the wrong time! For a small piece of metal they can cause a big snarl up in your life.

If your key has broken and you have all the parts Brights Locksmiths can cut you a new key using the broken parts as a pattern.

If your key is broken and you donít have all the parts, we can cut, clone and programme if necessary a key to suit your lock.

Worst case scenario. If your key has broken off in the lock, we can remove the broken bits from the lock, then cut you a new key to match and get you back on the road quickly and cost-effectively.

If a lock has already been replaced on your car, having an additional key that only fits one door can be a major pain. You can avoid this with Brights Locksmiths by letting us match the lock to your existing keys, or even changing the other locks to match the new, shiny key if you prefer.

The choice, as they say, is yours.

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