Keyed Alike Service

To reduce the overall number of keys in circulation, Brights Locksmiths offer a 'Keyed Alike' service. This is where our highly experienced locksmiths match all your existing locks of each type to one key. This means that you eliminate the need for having large numbers of different keys left around the house or office to fit different doors or windows. This is always a security weakness.

Keying alike can also save you money in the event of a lost set of keys as only one new key per lock type has to be replaced for each keyholder, with the locks then being re-engineered to suit, thus cutting out the expensive and wasteful practice of changing locks.

Restricted Key Service

As much as you may trust the people that you have given keys to your house, can you always trust the people that they know? With the best will in the world, the neighbour that feeds your cat while you are away may take their eyes off your key, allowing a casual visitor to have a new copy made and return the original while they are none the wiser.

With Brights Locksmiths' Restricted Key Service, you can be confident that this won't happen. You get to control the number of keys in existence for your home or office. Your signature is held on file here at our security centre, and unless that signature is matched by anyone requesting a duplicate key, it will not be cut.

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