With over 2500 key blanks held in stock at all times, sixteen key cutting machines, including computer controlled laser cutters, and our fully qualified staff, there is little wonder that virtually any key can be cut quickly and accurately by Brights Locksmiths. Some of our specialities include:

  • Old locks - Church keys made from scratch
  • Chubb Ava keys
  • Safe keys
  • Car and motorcycle keys
  • Chipped keys
  • Tubular keys
  • Padlock keys
  • Mortice lock keys
  • Yale keys
  • Matching keys to locks
  • Matching locks to keys
  • Keyed alike lock suites
  • Restricted key service

The first step in securing your business has to be effective control of points of entry - locks and access control systems. At Brights Locksmiths, we pride ourselves on supplying and fitting the best locks for the purpose, be that door, window or outbuilding. However, even the best lock in the world is not a help if the supply of keys is not controlled effectively.

Brights Locksmiths offer a key service for business that is second to none. To cut down the number of keys in circulation, you can benefit from a suite of master keys and locks. Our keying alike service will match locks to keys meaning that you need less keys in circulation. This can also offer a great cost saving if one set is lost, greatly reducing the number of keys that need to be replaced.

Our restricted key service also means that only authorised signatories can get your keys reproduced, giving you even more control over who has access to your business.

Added to that, for key orders of 50 or more, we will deliver your keys free in our local area.

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