If you’ve done all you can to secure your home or place of business, the alarm is your final defence, so make it a good one. Brights Locksmiths offers a wide choice in alarms for the home and the workplace, so that you can choose the system that protects the things you need to protect.

Call into our Security Centre to see a number of alarm types working and to get the best advice on what is going to suit your needs.

When you have found the type that suits, we will be happy to sell it to you over the counter, but please remember that to get insurance company approval, your system must be installed and maintained to their approved standards. Naturally we will also be happy to carry out a free site survey of your home or place of business and provide a highly competitive quotation for installing your system to the highest possible standard.

To be effective as a deterrent against crime, alarm systems must monitor every last corner of your business premises and be installed to the highest standards to make sure real intruders are detected and eradicate false alarms.

Brights Locksmiths has many years experience in protecting business premises of all sorts from the corner shop to major factories and warehouses. This experience means that we can offer the best advice on the type of a system, positioning of sensors and the maintenance regime that will give you the security and peace of mind that you need.

Our installers are all fully qualified, SIAB approved and vetted by the police and DBS, so you know you will get the best possible job done in the shortest possible time. The resultant installation is fully insurance approved, so you may even get a better deal from your insurer!

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